So sad to read about AFOLs who resort to criminal acts to fund (?) their hobby. In this case, the guy seems to be doing well career wise so I really wonder why he would risk his career for petty theft.


Remember Thomas Langenbach, the SAP executive who used his tech chops to steal and resell thousands of dollars worth of LEGOs? Turns out he was–unsurprisingly–a bit of a LEGO hoarder, even going so far as to build what “looked like a mini Legoland,” Cindy Hendrickson, Supervising Deputy District Attorney with the Santa Clara County D.A.’s office, toldWired.

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  1. He was obviously really into Lego. He probably had an addiction and just thought that he was too smart to get caught doing something like this. He probably wouldn’t have been caught if he went to a bunch of different stores.

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