Harry Potter Key Chains – Old vs New

Here are the 2010 Harry Potter Key Chains:

Since there were a few HP, Hermione, Dumbledore, Snape & Hagrid key chains released over the years (Ron, Dobby is new), I thought it’ll be nice to do a quick comparison of them here…

Starting with the boy himself, Harry Potter:

Release years from L to R: 2006, 2004, 2006 & 2010

As you can see, hairstyle hasn’t changed much, but expression-wise I prefer the 2006 version. 2010 HP’s face seems too scrunched up.  The winner of the bunch for me is definitely HP2006 Quidditch version.  *wub*

Hermione Granger:

Release years from L to R: 2004, 2007 & 2010

Hairstyle has evolved with the movie version methinks, but face wise the 2010 versions seems to be too cartoony, but partly redeemed by double sided head (based on magnet version). Still, 2007 smirk-face wins based on realism.  Torso wise, 2010 wins cos of the back printing and House badge.

One more important point is that earlier key chains all came with a Harry Potter printed tile (different between years), some with only the HP tile and some have both HP & LEGO tiles. 2010 version only has LEGO tile.  😦

So from that perspective, Ms 2007 wins.


Release years from L to R: 2004, 2006 & 2010

Actually the 2010 Dumbledore should have a reversible head, the other side being a be-spectacled face. I would have preferred the reverse side rather than the non-spectacles side.  While back printing and all is nice, 2004 is fairly unbeatable with the interesting purple color and printed legs.  Plus the previously mentioned HP tile of course.

Severus Snape

Release years from L to R: 2004 & 2010

2010 hair definitely looks better, but the 2004 glow-in-the-dark face is quite unbeatable.


Release years from L to R: 2007 & 2010

Well… no particular favourite here, but based on the printed tiles then 2007 wins.

Group Photo

I do not have the complete collection… I’m missing a few variations with different Harry Potter printed tiles and two of the Hagrids but I’m not too hung up over those.

Hope you enjoyed the comparison! 🙂

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