DIY LED Street Lights

I don’t think I trust myself with a drill to DIY street lights like what F0NIX from EB has done. But I think it looks great:

Erm, for the technically inclined…

But I have bought 200 lamp post 2x2x7 (part 2039) in white, trans clear minifig heads and 2×2 radar dish, to complete the construction.

Then I took a 2mm drill and made a hole from top to bottom. Bought a 3mm LED (this was a 3.2v 20mA 2000mcd Ultra Brigth White LED) and some thin wires. I cut a 9v LEGO electric wire with connectors in half and soldered a 470ohm resistor in series on one of the lead from the LED, the other straight on the other 9V leads. This is the final assembly:”

Umm… don’t understand… so pls don’t ask me any technical questions!  You can refer to his EB post and more pics in his brickshelf.

9 Responses to DIY LED Street Lights

  1. Mond2 says:

    i can drill for u if u want… >p

    • amodularlife says:

      Really? Hope u dun regret making offer… U know I’ve many City sets right? Actually I want the whole lamp construct… how about u teach me to make LED street lights so u dun have to drill a few hundred lamps? Tho I still dun trust myself with a drill… need a way so can drill straight and drill safely (and best if my fingers can stay a safe distance away from the drilling part)… =P Thanks ya? (^_^) Lemme think of how to overcome my irrational fear of drilling bits.

      Lighted (LEGO) streets for Christmas sounds lovely… Mmm…

  2. walsh klien says:

    This is way cool. I had though of this before but felt heart pain to drill Lego parts thanks for sharing =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I recall ikea selling led lights that are powered by battery for their christmas tree. Wonder if we can use that instead?

  4. walsh klien says:

    I guess you can if the LEDs Christmas tree lights can fit the lamp post. But I think the wires may be too thick to run through inside the lamp post If I remember it correctly. =)

  5. F0NIX says:

    Realy old post but here is an update of the project with more lights. I found out that it was better with Warm White color and went for 12000mcd 3.2v/20mA LEDs. They are brighter but also a more natural color of the light. You can see the light even in daylight.
    No heat at all from the LED.
    LEGO LED Street lights

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