New SW Pics & NY Toy Fair 2011 Pics & Videos

EB’s KimT reports on new SW pics, uncovered by Grogall (hurray).  If you are a Star Wars fan, do head over to this EB thread to see more pics.

I’m expecting more and more pics from the NY toy fair to surface while I’m in bed, so here are some links for your convenience… seeing as we have already seen a fair number of the sets from the German toy fair, I’m just looking out for those we haven’t seen yet…

  • The FBTB guys are at the fair so look out for updates on FBTB from the RSS feed on the right, or check FBTB’s flickr account.  The guys estimate that they’ll start uploading pics around 12 noon EST on Sunday February 13.
  • KimT also shared this link to Sir Steve’s Guide which already has pics from the toy fair.

Yodanews is posting videos of the LEGO presentation… here is the Millennium Falcon HD one, I’m sure more will be posted so be sure to check their youtube channel for more k?

Unfortunately the Harry Potter one isn’t clear… I’m sure the HD version will be all over the internet by tmr…

UPDATE: Didn’t take too long, here are pics of the HP sets we haven’t seen before, i.e. Forbidden Forest & The Knight Bus, thanks to Matn from EB who also shared the link to the site he found them from The Pop Culture Network folder.  The folder seems to have loads of pics, but I’m too tired to browse thru all. 

3 Responses to New SW Pics & NY Toy Fair 2011 Pics & Videos

  1. Willem says:

    Nice pictures! I’m not so excited by the new Harry Potter sets though, only the forbidden forest looks interesting – Voldemort, Narcissa and hagrid for €12 !

  2. Nick Yap says:

    Yeah, the Forbidden Forest does seem like the bang for the buck because of its minifigs.

    Have been resisting the urge to get the previous Potter sets off Ebay… it seems like TLC is doing a re-release of the older sets and somewhat ‘improving’ it… Hagrid’s Hut, Hogwart’s Castle for one, and Borgin and Burke’s are the examples. But Knight Bus still looks the same…

    Really hope they would re-release the older sets!

  3. amodularlife says:

    I wish for the graveyard one to be re-made… I need a resting place for my erm… figs to sleep in peace, like the vampire from collectible series.

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