Display Cases for minifigs

Do you need some display cases for your minifigs?

I thought this case offered by Simply Bricks at BrickLink to be affordable and fairly nice.  They go for GBP1.35 each, or approx USD2.79.  Unfortunately it’s currently only offered to buyers from UK and Europe.  I’m not sure how much shipping will cost to Singapore anyway, so it may not be that affordable.  But then it does beat the eye-poppingly priced cases being sold in some stores in Singapore…

Via Ugly Duckling

6 Responses to Display Cases for minifigs

  1. These look really nice! 😀
    I wonder what kind of plastic they are made of though. There are some similar cases available at local craft stores, but they are so brittle! You drop them once and they crack! 😦

  2. SimplyBricks says:

    They are acrylic. It would also take a huge amount of force to break these too as the casing is quite thick and sites snugly on a 4 x 4 plate.


  3. Steven says:

    There are nice for a small Display.

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