Lego is the most popular toy of all time

Hey, so my fav toy is also the most popular toy of all time!  🙂


Retro Survey results are in

By peter jenkinson | August 13, 2010

According to the recent survey we did together with Firebox it is Lego® making it to top slot as most popular toy of all time. Our global survey of 3,000 people found 70% that 70% of you prefer retro toys to modern ones, and almost half of people still own toys from their childhood. Almost half of 20-40 year old’s surveyed – men and women alike – still own toys they had when they were young, whilst 20% have passed them on to friends or family – indicating that an impressive 70% of retro toys are still around today. Take a look on the Firebox Facebook page, they’re calling for Toy fanatics to join in the banter, for more info on this great big survey read on…

Top toys of all time

Top of the list from the males surveyed was Lego, Game Boy™, Transformers® and Action Man®. The females opted for Barbie® as top, with Lego, My Little Pony®, Game Boy and Sindy® following suit. Christian Robinson, Managing Director of says: “We are not surprised that Lego came top of our survey- it is timeless and popular with young and old, male and female alike. Our modern range of Lego licensed products is hugely popular – proving that the brand has evolved since the 1960’s into a global phenomenon.”

Retro vs. modern

78% of females and 63% of males surveyed prefer old fashioned toys to modern ones. The majority of those surveyed were aged 20-40. Christian says: “Now the kids of the 70’s and 80’s have reached an age where they are facing adult responsibilities. They are looking back to their childhood when life was simpler – powering nostalgic feelings and fond memories of the toy brands of their youth.”

Many survey participants emphasised a desire for the return of the original versions of retro toys – as opposed to cheaper, plastic, modern day editions that are available today.” Christian adds: “Retro toys have always sold incredibly well for us. We launched the Atari Classics and Namco Plug & Play TV Games in 2004 – iconic self-contained joysticks which let you play retro video games on your TV set – and sold close to 20,000.”

Retro toys requested to return

When asked what toy consumers would like to see make a comeback, the original Game Boy was the number one choice, with Thundercats® and Big Trak following suit. Die-hard fans of Big Trak will be delighted to hear that the iconic, programmable electric tank from the 1980’s is making a comeback in the form of Big Trak and Big Trak Junior – in the next few weeks. Christian says: “We have already taken hundreds of pre-orders for both Big Trak products and we expect them to be huge hits this Christmas. An exact replica of the original, Big Trak will appeal to those thousands of men who always wanted one when they were children – and is set to wow a new generation. Big Trak Junior is a cool desktop toy that’s perfect for office professionals as it will accommodate various forthcoming modern accessories including a webcam and foam rocket launcher.”

The ‘Toy Story’ effect

Action Man is the number one toy that consumers hypothetically say they would want to be – if they were a toy. Other popular toys in this category include heroic figures such as Barbie, Transformers, My Little Pony, Power Rangers®, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® and He-man™. This list demonstrates the dramatic effect that various forms of popular culture – including television, film, books and comics – can  have on a toys’ success, often catapulting a brand to worldwide fame within day.

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