TRU Truck (7848) in Singapore

$59.90 for the truck. Happy shopping! 🙂

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Update: In my excitement forgot to add that the 8404 Public Transport is S$169.90 and ultramanbc from the local forum also updated that TRU Exclusive Hero Factory (had no idea since I didn’t even look at Hero Factory shelf… 😛 ) 7179 Duncan Bulk vs. Vapour is S$49.90.

I think someone will ask so I might as well say here… I got 2 boxes of the TRU Truck. Still fairly affordable. The Public Transport set… erhhhh need to “forget” about my major spend last Friday 1st.

18 Responses to TRU Truck (7848) in Singapore

  1. OCK says:

    Hi, Have been a fan of your blog and following the latest update…

    Can i ask where is this truck found??? i so want to get it now to pair with the yellow truck.


  2. OCK says:

    Thanks!!! Hope i can get them tmr….heehee….

  3. hippo says:

    Wah luckily you informed us fast. I am not getting it from evilbay already. Going down to united square later today.

  4. walsh klien says:

    Hey! I’ve been waiting for the Public Transport set! It’s finally here, I’m actually only interested in the train and the bus to complement my Lego city… I wonder if there would be anyone selling the break sets =|

  5. hippo says:

    Top right end of public transport says ” Fans’ choice 2010″. Wonder what it means?

  6. walsh klien says:

    If any of you guys thinking of buying the public transport from TRU, I’ve checked with them and so far not all branches have it. The guy told me their system says United Square should have a few sets =)

    @hippo: I think the “Fans’ choice 2010” means that it’s TRU’s fans choice when it comes to Lego sets =)

  7. OCK says:

    i just came back from united sq with 1 set of the truck..saw a lot of public transport sets there…..

  8. amodularlife says:

    Wow, had no idea the truck is so popular!

  9. Discman says:

    wah.. so many people buying… tomolo got to chiong to United Sq n grab mine too.. 😀

  10. Hon says:


    Is the 8404 Public Transport set available in any other stores besides TRU?

    – Hon

  11. amodularlife says:

    Someone on the local forum said it’s a TRU exclusive. Not sure why it doesn’t have the ‘limited edition’ print though.

  12. walsh klien says:

    I went United Sq last Friday and there was no 8404 displayed. So I had asked the guy to check their inventory and he did found a couple of sets in his system. The guy was helpful enough to look for a set in their store room. Apparently either they forgot to replenish the shelves when it ran out or they don’t have enough shelf space. So if you can’t find it on the shelf ask! The set is really nice! Fits my modular houses yeah! =)

    Sad thing is they don’t provide the train tracks… so got to go get them separately =(

  13. Hon says:

    oic…will be making a trip to TRU some time this wk. Hopefully, the 8404 Public Transport will still be available. If anyone see an uncle fighting with a little girl over the last box of 8404, that uncle would be me.

    – Hon

  14. Discman says:

    i was there today.. couldnt find the truck nor the transport sets.. ask the unfriendly staff.. she say “everything on the shelves” .. damn pissed..

  15. walsh klien says:

    Hi Discman, try asking a malay guy wearing specs. He was very helpful to me. He literally brought out a ladder and searched the shelves and his store room. I guess the trick is to ask them to look at their system, if they see that there is stock they should be able to find it in the store.

  16. Hon says:


    I was at TRU Forum this evening. There were plenty of 7848 TRU Truck and 8404 Public Transport. Just take note that these sets are placed on the shelves near the check-out counters and not at the LEGO section. I almost missed it, luckily I saw them on my way out and left happily with a 8404.

    – Hon

    • Discman says:

      i went to vivo TRU yesterday… also same thing.. nearly missed out the 7848 and 8404 cos they go put in at the special offer section.. also there was the 8129 AT-AT walker selling for S$199.90. nearly bought that also but in the end pulled myself out of the place with jus the 7848 and 8404.. 😀

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