My toys for the weekend

It’s Black Friday over in the USA, have you done your shopping yet?  Been reading all about the online offers, once again… It’s good to be an AFOL in the USA! 

Unfortunately, no Black Friday sales over here, but I did give in to temptation and ordered some stuff off (10% off purchases > USD149). 

Anyway I got some new toys today and finally completed my Harry Potter collection (with Hagrid’s Hut).  Thought to share some pics here to show the box condition etc.  So far based on 3 orders I’ve made it takes approx 2-3 weeks from shipment date for the stuff I ordered off to arrive in SG.   The strangest thing is how deliveries are made. E.g. I ordered 3 sets of Hogwarts Castle at the same time, and so far I received one set via M Bag, one set via SpeedPost (and each on a different day) & am still waiting for the 3rd.  Even the carton boxes used for delivery so far are all in different sizes.   From a cost perspective, it absolutely makes no sense to split the delivery or to use such HUGE boxes (the largest carton box only contained one Hogwarts Castle, and loads of inflated plastic cushioning) …

Disclaimer tho, apparently some AFOLs got their sets in heavily damaged/torn boxes, etc, so once again,buyer beware.  Oh, and some never got their deliveries at all. 😦   Seems to be best to use Paypal to make payment so that there is some refund recourse if the orders go missing in-transit.   

Thanks again to my bf for going all over SG to collect the boxes for me. 😛

Ok, am off to play with my toys.  😀

20 Responses to My toys for the weekend

  1. OCK says:

    nice..i am shock by the 6 HP castle order..or was it 9? hahaha…i still waiting for the hut and burrow to come in.

    i order a shuttle from hard to resist. can share which shipping route u use?

    i exhaust my first timer ocbc 25% off with CGW for my 10212…now i am thinking of getting the endor and some others but don’t know who to use. esp when blx has sales tax. can advise me.

    • amodularlife says:

      I really like the HP sets… hope this is not the last series… one more for next year? Fingers crossed. If they can re-release some of the earlier sets, I’ll be really happy! Not 9 lar.

      I’m trying CGW for the 1st time. For BLX if u are careful with the total cost you shd be ok… I think the 30% code is valid till year-end right?

      • Discman says:


        i used to find the BLX code from your blogs.. cant seem to locate it now. can share it again? i’m thinking over shipping the imperial shuttle over since S@H got 10% now.. 😀


  2. OCK says:

    Same too. Cgw first time. Blx is gd to me at 30% but u incur 5.5% sales tax. That kinda turn me off to shop fr so i try cgw. At 5% less shipping discount but no sales tax i hope it will make up the diff

    I think the 30% code is 730317.

  3. Michael says:

    What does CGW mean? Thank u =)

  4. Sim says:


    Anyone used VPost recently in 2011? I placed an order at recently on 7th Jan 2011 and provided them my VPost shipping address in the USA but a few days later, my order was reflected as “Cancelled” in my online lego account. I called their customer service in USA and asked them why was it cancelled and she can only advised me that lego no longer ship to that address provided.

    I had used that 3 times before (including once in Dec 2010 when S@H had 10% discount) and all 3 shipments were safely delivered to me.

    I suspect Lego Singapore must have alerted Lego USA to ban that VPost shipping address, or was my experience an isolated one?

    This is so frustrating, more so now that I still have US$40 VIP Rewards in my lego account.

    • Nick says:

      Hi Sim, recently I too placed an order on via VPost. So far my order keeps getting pushed backwards – from the 11th to the 22nd of Jan and now it seems indefinitely…. if is strange because other customers in the U.S who ordered the item later than I did, got their shipment already. My order status just reflects ‘partial shipment balance on order”.

      Funnily though, last week I received an email from stating that the free keychain was being delivered to the VPost address. Until now I haven’t heard from VPost.

      Should I call?

      • Sim says:

        Hi Nick

        Did you email them to ask them about the status of your order?

        I called them last night because I was deperarate to find out why was my order was cancelled. Since I did not recieve a reply satisfatory to my query, I emailed them but have not yet recieved a reply from them.

        I cannot understand why Lego says they “don’t deliver to that address anymore”, when I told her that I made 3 orders in 2010 and all were successfully delivered. She said it was “higher authority’s decision and she is unable to provide me the reason”.

        If you do call Lego, do let me know the outcome. Thanks.

  5. Discman says:

    actually i sort of gave up on Vpost for quite a while.. they got lots of restrictions on things they can ship and also their tracking is quite useless. Give Comgateway and Borderlinx a try.. they are quite efficient.

    • Sim says:

      Vpost did 3 successful Lego shipments for me in 2010, the most recent was in Dec 2010 during the 10% sale at S@H. I just set up comgateway account but the 50% discount at S@H were sold out for those items I had ordered but cancelled by Lego.

  6. Nick says:

    Hi SIm!

    Well, I did email them, they didn’t say much, except what I ordered was on backorder (lego 10217 Diagon Alley). While that was on backorder, the keychain that came free with it was shipped to the VPost address.

    Big surprise for me today thought when I checked my order. The remaining order has shipped. Will let you know once again when VPost receives it.

    • Sim says:

      Hi Nick

      Good for you…. That means mine looks like an isolated case. I’m still waiting for Lego to respond to my email query why they cancelled my order.

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