Building A Toysrus in my Town

Long-time readers of my blog may remember that I’ve a tendency to do quite a lot of research before I start on any MOCs.  After (finally) building set 7848 Toys R Us City Truck, I decided it’s time to introduce a new toy store to my minifigs (even though I don’t have space to display it…).

To refresh your memory, 7848 looks like this: 

My peeves about this set?  The store is too small, too many stickers and the truck is too big.  I do like the miniature LEGO sets tho, as well as the idea of having a Toyr R Us in my town. 

Let’s have a look at some modular TRUs and modified TRU trucks that I wanna share again here.

Back in August 2010, I featured lgorlando‘s modular TRU (original post with more pics HERE):

And then in September 2010, I featured the ISUZU Toysrus truck by andybear@hk.

Brian Lyles recently posted his TRU corner building on MOC Pages (more interior pics there):

One more uncredited creation I found on Joystiq (if anyone knows by whom/from where, pls let me know):

But what does an actual TRU building look like?  Wasn’t sure what the latest ‘look’ for a new USA TRU stores is supposed to be.  Anyone from from USA can help?

Anyway there are loads of pics on the internet, but the one I settled on was for a largely blue building, yellow border around the automatic sliding doors, and the brand spelt in large words across the 2nd storey.  Some examples:

Why this particular look?  Well, I don’t have a blue building yet, so it adds colour to my town for one.  I also have quite a bit of blue bricks (white’s fairly depleted after a series of white buildings), and wanted to make sliding doors ever since I watched the instruction video on the LEGO website (from my previous post HERE). 

And my progress?  Well… I started this afternoon and the 1st level is mostly done I think… running into a bit of roadblock on the letterings (brick-built or print on stickers?) and lack of specific parts (since am still not ordering from BrickLink) and so I decided to take a break to blog. 

Suggestions or inspiration anyone?  Especially for a modified truck.  Anyone has instructions for smaller truck that looks like the ISUZU truck Andybear made?

9 Responses to Building A Toysrus in my Town

  1. walshklien says:

    No suggestions for you for now… if I encounter any instructions for the truck will let you know! In the mean time jia yu! =)

  2. Xelfer says:

    Coincidentally, I am building a SWAT van and was looking for instructions for related truck / van designs.
    You could tap on instructions from the following official sets for the main design elements:

    7733-1: Truck & Forklift
    7781-1: The Batmobile: Two-Face’s Escape
    3661-1: Bank & Money Transfer
    7033-1: Armoured Car Action

    Other specific elements (e.g. side mirrors) can be adopted from designs such as 8404-1: Public Transport Station. Hope this helps with the MOC 🙂

  3. Hey there, I’m trying to get someone to recreate one of our buildings. It’s the multi-coloured modular classroom building at the bottom right of the page under the link. Interested?

    • amodularlife says:

      Any UK-based AFOL care to help? Email me at and I can hook you up via email.

      @modular building guy: I looked at the building and don’t think it’s hard to re-create in LEGO (in fact, it does look very LEGO-ish) but I think shipping costs for the completed model from Singapore to UK would be prohibitively expensive. How about looking for an AFOL in your area to help with the recreation? If anyone responds to the notice above I’ll let you know.

      Btw sorry about the late reply. This comment was stuck in the spam filter…

  4. Cheers @amodularlife, much appreciated. Didn’t realise you were in Sigapore. Thanks again

  5. Daibouken says:

    hi, its only recently i had gotten into buying modular houses. and i have been itching to build my own.
    may i ask how do you order from pick a brick? they do not ship to singpapore , so would it be expensive ?

    • amodularlife says:

      You would have to get a shipping forwarding account. Commonly used ones are Borderlinx (Citibank cr card only), Comgateway, Viaddress, etc. Rates differ so u shd compare before deciding on which, and some USA address may be in tax-free states too.

      Or just order from a Bricklink seller that ships to Singapore. Prob much easier. Search for ‘Bricklink’ on my blog or other sites to get an idea how it works. Be warned that it’s extremely addictive tho! BL is also known as ‘Cracklink’ for a good reason. 🙂

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