Of Lighted Nanoblocks & Pop-Up Books

Went shopping today and the 1st thing in the toy store that caught my eye wasn’t a LEGO set… (ok, not surprising since there were no new LEGO sets in the store right?).  Anyway, thought this Nanoblock Deluxe Edition Schloss Neuschwanstein looks amazing…

So I did more online research and using some google translate from the Diablock site:

Representative of the West German castle “Neuschwanstein Castle”is set to assemble. Number of parts to about 5800, nanoblock representations have been made to reproduce in full-on. The LED light up to the plate and the beautiful villa built in the dark.

– Built-in 3 LED colors, using three plates
· LED plate 3 attached (use of AAA batteries 9) * batteries not included
* Finished Size: H220 × W120 × D400mm (1 / 220 scale)

Original text in japanese:


  • ・3色LED内蔵、プレート3個使用
  • ・LEDプレート3枚付属(単4電池9本使用) *電池別売り
  • ・完成品サイズ:H220×W120×D400mm(1/220スケール)

It’s got LED lights???  So a bit more online sleuthing… ta da…

It’s the 2nd Nanoblock set that I really like (the 1st is the Himeji Castle of course).

Anyway, it’s available at ToyStation in Singapore, or if you are in Japan, from Yodobashi or Amazon Japan.  Nope, I didn’t get it…


Then I got home and had a lovely surprise…

See, I can’t remember what I ordered from Book Depository… 😛  Anyway a quick tearing of the well-wrapped package and…

Yippee!  I know, I’m kinda overaged for a pop-up book, but I thought it’s nice to have a 3D reference book.   Here’s the nice promo video that poisoned me…

Source of Nanoblock pic: Yodobashi & Nano-Jime

9 Responses to Of Lighted Nanoblocks & Pop-Up Books

  1. Audrey says:

    Hey, do you remember how expensive it is? It looks really cool!

  2. Tom says:

    $380?!?!?! They are nuts! Nanoblocks dont give the same satisfaction as Lego. They dont grip well, stay well nor look good

  3. Nick Yap says:

    Ha ha! No one can be overage for Pop-up books! Historically, the first pop-up ‘books’ in the late 1300’s were meant for adults to learn about scientific concepts anyways.

    Was browsing through a copy of the same Harry Potter book at Kinokuniya and I must say I’m quite disappointed with it. The idea is excellent, the pop-up designs are somewhat great, but the quality of paper used is poor.

    Was hoping that Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart would get the Harry Potter licence… but alas… (their Starwars Popup book is amazing! With Lightsabers that light up too!)

  4. wongkw says:

    Bought the Nanoblocks Space Shuttle at today, have not built yet, looks like a nice complement to LEGO 10213

  5. amodularlife says:

    @Tom: I think Nanoblocks don’t look that bad… but the price is… yeah… as speechless as those non-pricetagged ones in SC. Which reminds me that I really want to go Japan for a holiday!

    @Nick: Luckily I haven’t seen the SW one, so not disappointed lar… I wanted to see Diagon Alley & Hogwarts Castle in 3D you see… 🙂 About the over-aged bit… the SG book price is definitely not for kids to buy!

    @wongkw: Yeah, I always eye the Nanoblock Space Shuttle set, but dunno why, no urge to buy…

  6. Anthony says:

    I really love Nanoblocks–I have built about seven of them (I am lucky enough to have friends in Japan so they have sent me some that are hard to find here) I really like them.
    I will probably collect as many of thema as I can get my hands on.
    I have written about them on my blog. please check it out at jackofallhobby.blogspot.ca

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