Blast from the past… and a MOC

UPDATE: Did a bit more googling to find the buildings that were mentioned in the poster below (what can I say, I’m a curious gal)… Back then TLG displayed prototypes built by fans who were invited by TLG to join a workshop in Billund (lucky!). 

Here they are, in this order Firehouse, Hotel, Bank:

And there was also a prototype of the VW Beetle, and 3 other cars, a Mustang, an Aston Martin, and a DeLorean.  Of course, we now know that the VW Beetle was finally produced but not the other 3. 

Here’s what the VW prototype looks like, next to the final product, the 10187 Volkswagen Beetle.


Source: Pics from Lugnet via Brothers Brick


I wonder how many AFOLs got sucked into the hobby cos of the Modular series?  I can certainly be counted as one… anyway, I was just restlessly browsing the net (and wondering when the NY Toy Fair pics will start surfacing) and remembered a concept art drawing of the Cafe Corner I saw some time back before it all started… a bit more googling and:

Does anyone know where to get a clearer/hi-res image of that? 

Anyway I came across this nice wax museum MOC and wanted to feature it.

More on EB forum here or from shutinc’s Flickr account.  Really reminds me of Marcos Bessa’s .

Btw, while I haven’t been featuring MOCs recently, I haven’t stopped looking.  Since I became a Flickr member, I’ve been regularly adding favourites.  I’ve also added a link to my Flickr favourites on the right column and you can also click here: MOCs I Like on Flickr

CC art pic source:

8 Responses to Blast from the past… and a MOC

  1. Nick Yap says:

    Was into Lego a couple years back (2001), but was dismayed when the sets got really, really ‘meh’ and expensive, so I stopped.

    Then last year, saw the Green Grocer set and since then, have been hooked on again.

    Though I don’t collect the Modular series still, it’s different this time. It feels as if the designers have finally decided to really be creative with the Modular series which has transcend onto the other Lego sets. The astounding amount of details given to a set even if you don’t see them, e.g Hogwarts Castle (4842)’s pillars where you have to insert the support ‘beams,’ really impressed me.

    So yeah, Modular series got me hooked… in a way.

  2. juppy says:

    me too. though I havent got around to collecting any of modulars because I only really like cafe corner and market street but its really expensive now. my current collection stands at MMV, Diagon Alley, Burrow, King Leo’s Castle and the Imperial Flagship. I like big sets only though. wish lego would release more of it.

  3. Yes, the modular buildings are VERY imperssive! A great way to learn advanced techniques and such. I’m a little disappointed that they don’t have much going on on the inside, but still they are great!
    When I go to the LEGO store (Downtown Disney in Orlando) there are always adults surrounding the display cases with the modular sets. So yeah, I think a lot of adults get suckered into it!….(c;

  4. amodularlife says:

    @Akunthita: Oh, so you stay in Florida/Orlando? Nice! I went there for holiday a few years back (sadly before I was into LEGO) and I had a great time at the theme parks. I would love to go back since there are new theme parks (ok, the HP one). Does the store have all the modulars on display, or just the ones that are still available?

    @Nick & Juppy: I suppose you can start collecting the modulars that are available now… just try not to be a “completist” or you can try MOC-ing your own modulars – personally I find the early modulars (MS, CC, GG) too expensive now. FB and GE really isn’t that bad… their interiors are quite nice, with ping pong tables, fridge n escalator that are fun to build. Plus you get to learn some techniques during the build. MS really isn’t that fun to build vs the other modulars.

    Having tried various sets, including Star Wars, I would say that the modulars are the most satisfying to build… typical city/pirates/castle sets have no “kick”. HP Hogwarts Castles/sets are cute, but also not very challenging/fun to build.

  5. shutinc says:


    Funny thing is I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I got really surprised when I noticed you had blogged about my Wax Museum. I really appreciate it. Thanks much!

    As a final note, your blog is really good and I enjoy reading it on a daily basis!

    Best regards,

    • amodularlife says:

      @Daniel: Thanks for supporting my blog! 🙂
      Your museum is excellent and well-deserves the feature. Actually, I’ve been quite lazy to blog about MOCs recently with all the new set news but when I saw the pics it was one of those oh-i-must-blog-immediately moments. 😉
      Looking forward to find out how you did up the lights!

  6. shutinc says:

    Here’s a picture on how I did the wiring of the exterior lamps:

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