Annual passes to LEGOLAND Malaysia

I got mine… have you?  Figured even if I just use the tickets twice, it’s worth getting the annual pass.

The tickets have been on sale in Singapore at SISTIC for some time now (read: AsiaOne news).  I had to wait for the Lady Gaga concern queues to disappear 1st though.  According to this NST report, 7,000 annual passes have been sold with Singaporeans accounting for 35% of sales.

Do hope the new LEGOLAND will be fun!  At least, bring in exclusives earlier so that we don’t have to wait MONTHS for them to arrive in Singapore… worried about pricing tho, cos the LEGO set prices are even more exorbitant in Malaysia than in Singapore.

LINK to LEGOLAND Malaysia:


8 Responses to Annual passes to LEGOLAND Malaysia

  1. Kent Ong says:

    I am going to get myself one soon. This is really excited!!!! Hopefully can get a lot of great Lego products.

  2. redstar says:

    hi amodularlife, i like to get your permission to blog on your legoland ticket, will provide a link to your blog.

    i haven’t bought mine, still considering due to the high price.

    • amodularlife says:

      @redstar: Sure go ahead! I have no objection to anyone using the info on my blog so long as due credit is provided. I only rant about irritants who don’t give credit and even then by now I decided they are just s******* (insert choice of words) and not worth ranting on the blog about.

      I still think it’s worth buying the annual pass so long as there is a good chance I will go more than once within the validity period. I think chances are high, so Iong as I get one pass for my hubby too. 🙂

  3. redstar says:

    thank you, i will get my ticket shortly too. If the rides are all operational, we can go there at least once every 3 mths, or more. There is a direct bus from my place to Johor in 20 mins. Unlikely to drive there.

    • amodularlife says:

      @redstar: I think I sound paranoid, but I’ll skip the more dangerous rides until they have been well and truly tested. If the rides in Singapore Universal Studios can have problems after opening, I’m not sure how safe the roller coasters will be. Plus there have been accidents/deaths in M’sia’s theme parks in the past.

      I will go down for ‘sight/LEGO-seeing tho’. I hope there will be shuttle buses from SG to LEGOLand MY, just like how there are buses from MY to SG’s casinos. 🙂

  4. redstar says:

    i presume the rides are for kids….unlike the roller coasters in Singapore Universal Studio, will be arranging with a few lego friends, it is fun to travel in a small group.

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