My current display shelf

Am taking a break from sprucing up my place, so decided to snap a pic of my display shelf and blog about it.  The display in the study room gets a fair bit of interest from visiting friends who are seeing the modular buildings for the 1st time.

Am looking forward to modifying some sets into modular standards when I have time, probably around Pet Shop i.e. 26 cm height rather than the usual 35-36 cm tho.  Need to figure out how to fit the new Town Hall on the shelf when I finally get it… perhaps move the Market Street upstairs and modify the Town Hall’s clock tower?  My taller shelf is only 45 cm unfortunately, so the new 50 cm model simply can’t fit.  Perhaps once the bottom shelf is completely full, I’ll get a custom acrylic case to encase it.

Oki, back to sprucing up my place…

9 Responses to My current display shelf

  1. BBrick says:

    Did you see these photos that someone already has up from Toy Fair 2012? I’m talking about the LEGO pics, the LEGO STAR WARS and the (be still my heart!) LEGO LORD OF THE RINGS pics!

    I think there are going to be some wonderful things for everyone to play with this year after all!

    Check out the castle:

    LEGO Lord of the Rings 177

    Check out Jaba’s Palace:

     LEGO Star Wars 00

    If you have other sites with more photos, let us know!

    • amodularlife says:

      @BBrick: I saw that lots of sites posted/re-posted pics from the Toy Fair, so I didn’t bother re-posting it here. FBTB’s Flickr has a good collection. The rest are variations of the same… you can try googling for videos tho. There are a few floating around that shows the play features, especially for sets like Jabba’s Palace.

  2. Nasto says:

    Great photo! Is it possible to shoot some closeups? My girlfriend loves the winter village bakery, and would love to see more of your enhanced version 🙂

    Keep up the good work, love to read your blog..

  3. Nasto says:

    Sorry, I meant the Winter Toy Shop, which you made into a modular building..

  4. Audrey says:

    Where are you going to put your mini modular? Different shelf?

  5. Alfred says:

    Hi, are the shelves custom made or from Ikea? I haven’t built my modular sets yet, so don’t know how big they would be. Do you know if the Ikea LACK shelf can fit?

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