Oh, New Milestone Today!

Yay, got the 100,000 page views I aimed for today.  I set this goal not long after I started this blog (on 28 April 2010).  So what now after reaching my goal? Erm, 1 million page views? Or to be lazy maybe just not set any goal, haha.

Anyway, I told myself I must update one of my 1st posts when I hit this milestone, so it’s finally updated:

Lego Shopping in Singapore

A big thanks to all the readers who had contributed to the post information. It’s long overdue I admit, but better late than never? 😛  If you do come across any other stores not listed, pls do drop me a comment. 

Some notable updates this time include new stores and other department store info.  Also tried to update the transport info where I’m able to. 

Funny story, someone asked me recently if I’ve secretly opened a Lego store!  You see, there’s a sudden increase in Lego stores opening or to be opened in Singapore.  Dunno how the speculation came to me and while I do wish I am a Lego store owner, unfortunately that is not the case.

Perhaps if I ever wanna get out of the rat race?  Spending all day playing with bricks in between serving customers, having a place to display all my sets and being able to get sets at wholesale prices sounds like bliss (ok, I’m sure I’m romaticising this but yeah, you get the idea)…


9 Responses to Oh, New Milestone Today!

  1. Jonathan Lum says:

    CONGRATULATIONS !!! New Target 1/4 million viewer, then 1/2 million, then 1 million mark.

    Transportation Info .. coming right up ..

  2. Shaun says:

    Congrats! ^_^

    It was the “Lego Shopping in Singapore” post that I first stumbled upon your blog. ^_^

    Thank you for starting this wonderful blog ^_^

  3. Kel says:


    yr blog is very informative .. i already make it a habit to visit yr site on a dialy basis .. it is indeed very poisonous 🙂


  4. badfoot says:

    Congratz, my wife and I love your blog, u got the feel ;p

    btw i am the one who ask u what is PAB =]

  5. Dan says:

    Congratulations! I just discovered your blog the other day, and it’s already one of my favorite LEGO blogs! I have to say, I was surprised to hear of the LEGO stores in your area. I just got back from the official LEGO store near me, but think it would be cool to have other types of LEGO stores to go to.

    Looking forward to watching your blog grow – you have REALLY great content.
    Thank you!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Congrats! I don’t know what to do if I didn’t discover your blog hahaha! No turning back now, I have also converted my wife into a Lego maniac =P

  7. amodularlife says:

    @Jonathan & Shaun: Thanks for your continued support! (^_^)

    @Kel: I really don’t think I’m that poisonous… am I? 😛

    @ Badfoot & Anon: Thanks and good to know your wives are supportive. Always good to have shared interests. 🙂 Any themes in particular that you and your wives like? Or maybe also good to like different themes so dun fight over who gets to build. 😉

    @Dan: Thanks! I would love to visit an official Lego store one day and try packing the PAB containers, but unfortunately the nearest store is like thousands of miles away. 😦

  8. hippo says:

    Hippo congrats you too. 😀

  9. walshklien says:

    Hi! I was the Anonymous, I forgot to put my name in… ha! Monday blues yesterday… Well we mainly focus on Modular Buildings and recently for myself Exo-Force and Technic. My parts for my MOC Bus/Train interchange should be coming this week yeah!

    My wife just got the 7744 Police Station on Sunday… time to start building again =)

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