Post-Christmas Offers in Singapore

I haven’t been shopping for LEGO stuff since I’m about all done with 2010 sets, but if you are still in the mood for shopping, here are a few offers I know in Singapore. 

  • 20% off LEGO at Metro department store till 2 Jan 2011.
  • Extra 7% off at Toystation/Brick Station till 1 Jan 2011 except for 10xxx sets and promotional/selected items.  Apparently you have to declare “I LOVE BRICK STATION” to get the extra discount.   😉
  • Don’t forget the Nov/Dec member discount items at Bricksworld and Toyshunt.  Last few days before the Jan/Feb offers come on board.
  • Simply Toys offer with UOB cards for 10% (non-member)/15% (member) discount till 31 Dec 2010.  The Citibank 30% (non-member)/40% (member) discount off 2nd item still valid. Not for NETT priced items tho.

P.S. Do drop me a comment if you come across others k?

P.P.S. Been reading with envy the offers in other countries… the ones we have in Singapore really suck in comparison to the 50% off offers. 😦

5 Responses to Post-Christmas Offers in Singapore

  1. Nic says:

    20 percent until 2 jan? Do you think Metro will take in Diagon Alley by then since the official release date is the 1st.

  2. OCK says:

    Yeah man… I thought BW troll fortress price was gd till i saw lego UK. I miss the earlier amazon sale for sw 8038.

    Only score a home one 7754 set from lego. Our local sale really CMI

  3. amodularlife says:

    @OCK: But everywhere compared to the USA pretty much sucks if that makes u feel better. 😉

    @Nic: Don’t think so. Heard the 2011 sets will be in-stores mid-Jan and department stores don’t usually store 10xxx series. Better off ordering from online? Diagon Alley is US$149.99, same as the modular sets so I expect at least S$339.90 locally, less whatever member discounts you have.

  4. nic says:

    Wow. Thats darn expensive. I thought it would be at around 250 max considering the exchange rate. Yea ordering it online is probably better. Like amazon with vpost? Or what alternatives do u use normally

  5. OCK says:

    Yeah i know everywhere is bad….diagon alley you can’t get from amazon. it is exclusive to S@H.

    i was looking at it on ebay…it is price higher than their original tag so it maybe better to purchase direct from lego. if my guess is not wrong and if diagon alley box size is same as imperial shuttle, i est shipping rate for comsgateway shld be base on 10.5kg which is abt 39.5usd. (but that is if they don’t use a even bigger box for this)

    Vpost is pathetic…slow and not exactly cheaper…i rather pay a few bucks more and get my item faster through BLX or CGW

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