New Harry Potter, Star Wars & Animal Key Chains & Magnets

Update on 2 Oct: Pictures of all the 2010 Harry Potter key chains and the previous versions here: Harry Potter key chains: Old-vs-New  🙂


Update: All links repaired… pls let me know if any are broken… they should lead you to Brickset’s inventory list so you can click on ‘I want’ or ‘I own’.  If not you can just click here for Brickset’s new additions. 😉


Update: Got Hermione and Dumbledore to complete the HP keychains series. So that’s 6 in total so far.
Update: All updated in Brickset, thanks to Huw who updated the database. 😀 Links to the new entries in case you wanna add them to your Brickset ‘I Want’ list (or ‘I own’ for Singapore readers). 😉


Got a couple of new stuff today, and couldn’t update them all in my Brickset inventory…

Harry Potter Magnets & Key Chains

  • 852982 magnet set contains Harry in Quidditch uniform, Dumbledore & Hermione in Hogwarts uniform.
  • 852983 magnet set contains Harry & Draco in Hogwarts uniforms, & Snape.
  • 852954 keychain of Harry in Hogwarts uniform
  • 852955 keychain of Ron in Hogwarts uniform
  • 852956 keychain of Hermione in Hogwarts uniform
  • 852957 keychain of Rubeus Hagrid
  • 852979 keychain of Albus Dumbledore
  • 852980 keychain of Severus Snape

Star Wars Magnets & Key Chains

  • 853037 magnet set contains Anakin, Senate Commando & Ahsoka.
  • 853038 keychain of Anakin
  • 853039 keychain of Clone Pilot
  • 853040 keychain of Senate Commando

Classic Key Chains (no picture in Brickset yet…)

So here they are, my new Star Wars & Harry Potter Magnets and Key Chains. So while I can’t get the HP sets yet, at least I can preview the minifigs from the key chains and magnets… and the best part? They are presents from my lovable bf. 😀

Brickset doesn’t have a picture for 852984 Key Covers, but I’m guessing these are it. Nope didn’t get them… I don’t actually buy everything… now you know…

4 Responses to New Harry Potter, Star Wars & Animal Key Chains & Magnets

  1. Huw says:

    Thanks for the info: rather than stating ‘and couldn’t update them all in my Brickset inventory…’ in future,if you email me I can add them for you 🙂

  2. Jonathan Lum says:

    While getting ready the Theme Park Vids .. the next Vids I can think of would be Harry Potter .. stay tune …

  3. Andrew Pym says:

    If you have an android phone you can now view the whole Star Wars Mini-Fig and Sets catalogue on your phone.

    Just search the market place for Star Wars Lego.

    For more info view

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