LEGO 2010: An AFFOL’s Year in Retrospect

Update on 31 Dec: I heard from a reliable source that the new modular will be a Pet Shop in Q3’2011.  🙂 


2010 is a rather significant year in my AFFOL life.  It’s the year I started this blog, and in this past year I think my knowledge of all things LEGO has grown significantly… Figures wise the blog has grown from the handful of readers per day in the 1st month, to the thousand-plus readers that visit today.  Looking at the blog stats, we look good for 300,000 hits within 2 days, which is a good number to end the year I think. 🙂

Here’s my wrap-up of LEGO-related news that was leaked, reported and speculated in 2010 before we move on to 2011. 

Looking at what was reported over 2010, I wonder if we’ll all go through the same cycle of leaks, plugs, etc in 2011?  I noticed a particular trend… thanks to Grogall and Whung for bringing us news of so many sets.  🙂


  • 2010’s modular set the 10211 Grand Emporium pics were leaked – AFOLs cheered and TLG tried to yank the pics, but not before the pics went viral anyway.  
  • The new Harry Potter sets were confirmed for October release from an African toy store website, and displayed a few weeks later in the London Toy Fair.  After a hiatus of 3 years, it was most welcome news for fans who missed the earlier releases.   


  • Loads of pics of new sets – Prince of Persia, Toy Story 3, Star Wars, & Harry Potter, all out on the net either from retailers’ websites or from Toy Fair photos.
  • Modular set, the 10211 Grand Emporium is officially launched (or as Huw described as “the worst-kept secret in recent LEGO history”).


  • Slow month in general, some polybag/promotional set news, release of LEGO Games in the USA (finally) and release of Architecture series in Europe and finally the official release of Prince of Persia sets in the USA (Europe followed in April).


  • Castle fans debated on the new Kingdom sets pics and factions from an online store.
  • Barcodes on Collectible Minifig Series 1 speculated and quickly decoded, and the frenzy for these little minifigs start as sales commenced.
  • Fans cheered a new LEGO Truck 3221, and the Toy Story 3 sets start to be released for sale.






  • Yet more 2011 set pictures (and Collectible Minifg Series 3 pics) leaked and TLG stoppers them again.
  • TLG reports healthy profits.
  • TLG loses its appeal to have its 2×4 brick protected by trademark law.




 Think I missed anything significant? Let me know k? 🙂

Looking back, the piece of news/rumour originally blogged here in October has not been verified… i.e. modular set in July 2011, details of the 2011 winter set and the ‘girly theme’.  All three being sets I would  be very interested in.  No further news of a possible Sydney Opera House set that I blogged in July too.

P.S. I noticed this would be my 400th blog post and thought it’ll be nice to have something to end the year.

P.P.S. Since I only started my blog in end-April, I referred to Brickset‘s wonderfully organised news.  Link HERE.

4 Responses to LEGO 2010: An AFFOL’s Year in Retrospect

  1. I have been visiting your blog a couple of times per day ever since I discovered it and I love it! I really appreciate your F-contribution to the whole community of AFOL’s – can’ help being a guy myself… 🙂 You always manage to share stuff in a proper, nicely formatted, well thought through way, and at the same time with a great personal touch! Happy 400! Let’s hope for a real nice modular building in 2011! Thank you from Dan Bornemark, Sweden

  2. blue says:

    Hi there, I’m quite new and just recently “re-discovered” Lego, stumbled upon your blog about two months ago, have regularly visited it since then. Full of bits of information and very wonderfully written, thanks.
    Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

  3. amodularlife says:

    Thanks Dan & Blue. A few times a day? That is more than the number of times I visit when I’m busy at work! Thanks guys!

    Happy new year too! 🙂

  4. walshklien says:

    Time to save $$$ for new Modular Yeah!

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